Electronics drives the world of new technologies in digital and analog information technology, transportation, internet, wireless communication, telephones, aviation, agriculture, remote sensing, mobiles, robotics, displays, TV, appliances, computers, satellites, medical, security, energy, aerospace, vehicles, cartography, etc.

  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering program aims to prepare human resources to play a leading role in the continuing adventure of modern automated systems, computers, and communications – researching, designing, building and marketing the next generation of electronic and communication products.
  • Various job / career opportunities in the field exist both in public and private sectors. These includes: defense services, telecommunications services, ded systems development, electronic and hardware manufacturing, VLSI design, software development, power sector, TV industry, musical industry, automobiles, space communications, IT, home appliances development, electronic security systems, mobile phones testing and development, communication protocols development, optical communications development, etc.

Lab Facilities Available:Computer Lab

  • Basics Computer Skills Lab
  • C Programming lab
  • Printed circuit board design and simulation lab
  • Microcontroller lab
  • PC hardware and networking lab
  • Programming logic controller lab
  • VHDL Lab
  • MAT Lab
  • Arm Controller Lab

Electronics lab

  • Digital Lab
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Components lab
  • Semiconductor Devices Lab
  • Analog Electronics Circuits Lab
  • Analog Communication Lab
  • Digital Communication Lab
  • Industrial Automation Lab

Department of Electronics & Communication - Teaching Faculty

  • Smt. Shabina Majjagiyavar : Selection Grade Lecturer, HOD(In-charge)
  • Sri Vittalkumar Vagga : Lecturer
  • Sri Veeresh : Lecturer
  • Sri Veerayya Hiremath : Lecturer
  • Smt. Manjula Hiremath : Lecturer