The mission of the Library is to facilitate creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources and providing for value added services.

About Library:

  • The Library is housed in a spacious facility
  • The Library has around 800 technical course related books as on year of 2014.
  • The Library reading space can accommodate nearly 30-40 students.

Library Rules and Regulations:

  • Library book/Library material will be issued for a period of 15 days to our members. A Library Material issued may be renewed up to 1 time provided there is no reservation against it.
  • Certain Library materials are intended to be used only in the library premises. These include reference books, text books, rare books, current & bound periodicals etc.
  • Borrowers are requested to check if the Library materials being borrowed are complete and no pages are missing in it. In case of defect or damage in the book, should be brought to the notice of the library staff.
  • The lost/damaged Library material shall be replaced by the borrower with latest edition else equivalent amount plus an additional charge of 20% of the price for the Library materials published abroad and 10% for the Library materials published in India. If the damaged Library material belongs to a set, then the user is responsible for the entire set.
  • While leaving the library, user should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them.
  • Readers and visitors are requested not to bring their belongings in the library.
  • Users are requested to return the books/Library materials to Library staff after consultation.